Current Medicine Selection:

Skunk # 1
Skunk # 1 comes from Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam. This variety is very uniform and produces strong fruity smelling buds. The indica dominance is easy to see in these dense packed nugs. Has very fruity flavors and a relaxing kick back kind of stone.

Medi-bud is a local strain for pain management. Helps with all kinds of pain. Buds are fairly dense and leaves the consumer with a grin that won't seem to go away. Indica-Sativa hybrid.

Olympia GDP
This is the Olympia version of Grand Daddy Purple. Although the strain does not have any purple hues, it is still an amazing strain. It has a smell that is similar to candy and has a nice coating of sugary trichomes. The high produced from this stain is very stoney and relaxing.

The lurkle is a heavy producing indica dominant strain. It has a nice aroma and is one of our best strains for people who need help sleeping at night. It has a powerful knockout effect that will induce sleep.

Urkle diesel
Urkle diesel produces very fragrant buds that literally do remind one of the smell of diesel. This strain has a little bit longer flowering period than the others representing more of her sativa side. This strain is a good combination of genetics and rewards the patient with a nice high that doesn't immediately turn into couch-lock.

Northern Lights
The Northern Lights is our best sativa strain. Although the buds are dense, they are also run very long. The sativa characteristics are immediately noticeable when the plant is being grown. Produces a high that allows the patient to still be able to function throughout the day. A good daytime smoke.

The most indica of our collection. This plant stays very short and produces small dense buds. This strain represents her full blooded indica parentage with huge fan leaves. Mars is considered an afghanica strain because of her nearly 100 percent indica genetics. A very good strain with a very powerful stone that puts you into deep relaxation.